Mike Czarny Tinkerer. Hacker. Engineer.

My Background

Originally from Poland, now living in LA (not limited to), I am a systems and network engineer with a passion for building and automating (and all the fun stuff in between). Some would call this DevOps/SRE. I've had some success in both startup and corporate enviroments having worn many hats during an eight year career. I love to learn new technologies, and as a result my focus has recently shifted from traditional cloud and bare-metal services to blockchain technology and cryptocurrency, an area that I'm excited about contributing to, and which I believe will become the next disruptive layer of the internet.


Create simple solutions to complex problems with open source tools


Build resilent, performant and secure networks at scale


Design and document tools to streamline engineering workflows

Featured Projects


Overseer - Server and Network Monitoring

  • Nagios based - Industry standard
  • Language agnostic
  • Highly customizable

A collection of Python and Bash service monitors for Nagios used by high traffic services such as MaxCDN and StackPath.

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Scout - Monitoring All the Things

  • Fast
  • Clean UI

A monitoring stack for anything and everything using InfluxDB, Grafana and Telegraf.

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Cryptocurrency Mining - Monero

  • Configured 40+ cloud miners
  • Used xmrstak and xmrig
  • Pool mined with supportxmr.com

Supported the XMR network by adding transactions to the blockchain.

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Fifa Stats

FifaDB - Personal Stats for FIFA Gameplay

  • MySQL
  • Python
  • UI in development

FIFA doesn't provide an ingame way to track your statistics, so I built my own.

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Cryptocurrency Blog - Author

Contributor to cryptochill.com. My goal is to share the cryptocurrency and blockchain knowledge that I've acquired.